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I went to see Julie because after only 2 months at my new job I had already gained a noticeable amount of weight, and I didn’t want the trend to continue.  Not only did Julie get me back on track, but she also transformed my relationship with food and my relationship with myself.  

Working with her changed the way I think about what I eat.  I no longer have any feelings of guilt or regret associated with eating, I only feel joy when eating the foods I want to eat.  Now I’m in complete control of my weight.  I got to my target weight quickly and easily, and I’m confident that I can stay there.  

I would recommend Julie not just to people who are looking to lose weight, but to anyone who has ever had challenges with food, physiologically or emotionally.  Julie is kind and compassionate and has realistic goals and expectations for her clients. 

Thank you Julie!

Michelle S. Palo Alto, CA August 29, 2017

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