Fatigue and Low Energy

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Fatigue, Tiredness and Low Energy

Most people who come into my office complain of feeling tired, lethargic, fatigued and run down. Some experience an energy plunge in the late afternoon, typically around 4pm, while others may feel sluggish and without stamina most of the day. Others find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Many have come to believe that this is a natural sign of aging. Ironically, whatever age they may be, from 15-85, they assign this age as a normal onset for fatigue. The reality is that aging is rarely the cause of fatigue. Rather, its genesis lies in nutrition-based problems that have led to a predictable decline in energy, vitality and overall wellness.

Causes of Fatigue, Tiredness and Low Energy

Many people feel exhausted and tired on a daily basis with seemingly no end in sight. There are a myriad of reasons that so many people today are suffering from fatigue, lethargy and low energy. While some medical conditions will make you feel tired, typically, most of the people who suffer from low energy are basically well. Their lab tests are generally normal and usually they would describe themselves as healthy. In spite of this, the fatigue persists. Upon closer inspection, a variety of easily remedied nutritional issues can result in a huge rebound in energy and vitality.

Solutions to Fatigue and Low Energy

In most cases there are three basic components behind fatigue and low energy; nutritional issues, lifestyle issues and emotional and mind-set issues. One of these or all three acting in concert can cause the fatigue. When I work with you we will review your health history. This includes your diet, lifestyle, and the personal issues that may be impacting your emotions and mind-set. Based on these factors, I will create an individualized plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. The goal is not merely more energy, it is also the fuller and richer life that you can live with more energy. You know you are well when you are living a full, happy and vibrant life. Don’t allow fatigue to stand between you and your best life.

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