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Understanding Weight Loss as a Personal Challenge

If you are struggling with your weight you are not alone. Whether it is an extra 15 pounds or an extra hundred or more, many of us today are battling weight issues and are at loss for how to attain our desired body weight and image. In spite of the fact that the problem can be categorized as “overweight” for all who suffer from it, the reasons behind the weight gain vary dramatically from person to person. This is why an individualized approach that addresses your specific lifestyle, food preferences and emotional mind-set, is the only true way to ultimately exit the diet and food deprivation roller-coaster and reach your ideal weight. Addressing the true underlying causes and habits that have created your weight issues is the only way to finally attain the weight and body image that you are meant to enjoy.

Solutions to Excess Weight and Weight Gain

Permanent weight loss requires an understanding of healthy eating habits and strategies that enable you to implement and maintain those habits permanently. Studies have shown that people who have struggled with weight loss are far more likely to achieve long-term success when they work with a nutrition professional than when they tackle the challenges alone. In my own practice I find that the one-on-one discussions, meal planning, mind-set techniques, obstacle elimination strategies as well as individualized supplement protocols, can mean the difference between those who achieve long-term success and those who don’t. Struggling with our weight often means we are also struggling with our health and happiness as well. Losing the weight makes room not only for a nicer wardrobe but also for a life that can be filled with things you have been denying yourself as a result of being overweight.   Once you lose the weight you will enter a new chapter in your life where you are finally living the life you always envisioned for yourself. 

If your weight goals have eluded you, my weight-loss coaching program is the surest, best and quickest way to achieve your goals.

I invite you to call me today at 650-397-1037 and put yourself firmly on the path to weight loss success. You are worth it!