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Julie is a life saver. 

I have an background in health service and a personal interest in nutrition. I had already been following a specific diet for a few years but after a couple period of extreme stress, my body crashed. I was having GI pain and none of the tricks I knew were fixing them. I was avoiding eating and drinking even water all day at work just to keep the pain down so that I could make it through a work day. My ND and MD were confused on what the exact cause was and while we were trying to figure out what triggered it, Julie came along with trying to get me out of pain and heal from the damage. Her initial diagnosis was spot on and showed I was having major issues with several key bodily system. Together, we came up with a plan to heal the inflammation and within a couple of day I was able to work a full day without pain! Through the process of healing and adding foods back in, she has helped me get back to a point of life without pain. I also feel like I have a tool to go back to in times of stress or after a weekend of too much fun.  I feel so much more in-tune with body and its needs.

Beyond the treatment provided, Julie is also very personable. She is so supportive and an exceptional listener. She was always available via email to answer questions and keep me on track. I’d 100% recommend her to any friend or family needing help with a problem or even just looking to see how nutrition can change things for them.

Chrissy C. Denver, CO Denver, CO August 29, 2017

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