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Welcome to Julie Scott Nutrition!

I am Julie and I would love to work with you to help you reach your health and weight goals.

If you struggle with your weight or health, I can help you.  My nutrition programs are personalized to meet your individual needs.  Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people successfully lose weight and transform their lives and their health.


Would you like help with weight loss?  Here is how I can help:

I know that carrying around unwanted weight on your stomach or thighs feels awful.  It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and eats away at your confidence.

You may feel worried because you noticed your weight creeping up and you don’t know what to do about it.  Or, you may feel desperate after having already tried a variety of other weight loss methods that didn’t work.  Many people come to me because they feel obsessed and stressed about food, eating and weight.  My approach clears away the confusion, creates peace of mind and gets you the results you are after.

When we work together I will guide you so you can lose the extra pounds, feel great in your body and know exactly what you need to do to keep it that way.  With my program, you can count on getting results that last.


What is special about my weight loss program?

My approach to weight loss combines food strategies with mind-set coaching to get you a body and lifestyle that feels natural, easy and livable.  That alone makes it different from most other programs that give you overly restrictive regimens that don’t transition into a permanent way of living at your ideal weight.

I understand how important it is to match your nutrition plan to the way you live your life.  Let’s face it, you are going to go out to dinner, go to parties and have dessert when you really want it.  If your nutrition plan doesn’t fit your real life, it just isn’t going to work.

When we work simultaneously on the food choices and the mind-set shifts, you become empowered to create a lifestyle that makes sense for you and is easy to maintain.  This is what will get you the weight loss, confidence and better fitting clothes that you want.

During our sessions, I will listen to you to understand what you like and what you don’t.  Then I will create a plan that matches your desire for fun with your desire for a great body.  They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you have to have them both, in order to have a solution that will really work.  My approach has resulted in hundreds of successful clients that are now free to be confident in their body, comfortable with their food choices and living much happier lives.

If you are ready to create a livable and enjoyable lifestyle that allows you to lose weight and keep it off for good, my program is for you.   You can get started right away by contacting me through this form or by calling my office at 650-397-1037.


What is the time commitment and follow-up schedule for the weight loss program? 

The initial consultation is 2 hours long. During this meeting I will do a comprehensive intake in order to fully understand your health, lifestyle and food preferences.  I will then create a personalized nutrition plan for you, which you will receive at the time of your first visit. Just the information you learn in the first visit can make a tremendous difference in your life.

After the initial consultation, we will have 50-minute follow-up appointments.   The follow-up sessions ensure that you learn everything you need to know to get to your ideal weight and achieve permanent results.

For weight loss clients it is typical for us to meet once a week for the first 3 weeks and then once ever other week as you move through the process.   If you prefer to continue to meet weekly, that is fine. Finally, in the maintenance phase of your weight loss program we will meet once a month to ensure that your new life style is set forever and is “sabotage-proof.”  The successful completion of the maintenance phase guarantees you a permanent, life-long result.


Would you like help with a health problem?  I help people resolve issues such as:

Digestive problems such as GERD (acid reflux), constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bloating, gas and pain and food allergies, UTI (urinary tract infections).

Fatigue and low energy, ranging from the regular “run-down and tired” feeling to severe cases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Sleep issues such as waking up tired (non-restorative sleep), trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of how nutrition impacts their health and how an expertly crafted nutrition plan can help you heal from health issues that are stealing your happiness and well being.

When we work together on your health concern I will create nutrition plan that will support your body’s natural healing process. My nutrition plans are custom tailored to help you rid yourself of digestive problems, fatigue and sleep issues that are damaging your quality of life. In the cases where I suggest supplements (I don’t always, it depends on what you are experiencing) they will always be natural, food-based and non-habit forming.


What kind of time commitment does the health program involve?

In our first meeting, we meet for two hours.  This allows me to do a comprehensive intake and fully understand your health concerns, lifestyle and food preferences.  I will then create a personalized nutrition plan for you, which you will receive at the time of your first visit.  The information you learn in the first visit can make a tremendous difference in ability to take control of your health.

After the initial visit, we will have 50-minute follow-up appointments.   The follow-ups are typically every 3 or 4 weeks to make sure you are progressing and feeling better. This allows us to check in and make any necessary adjustments.


How many visits do I need in total?

The number of visits for both weight loss and health issues depend on your specific situation.


How can I schedule an appointment?

If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can use this  contact form or call my office directly at 650-397-1037.   If you have additional questions and would like to schedule a 15-minute free consultation with me, please call 650-397-1037 and my receptionist will schedule that for you.

I have been in the field of nutrition for over 25 years.  I have had outstanding results with my clients.  If you think nutrition or mind-set issues are the missing piece of your weight or health puzzle, I would strongly encourage you to give me a call and experience the excellent results you can get with my program.

My program can transform your level of confidence, health and happiness.  It would be my pleasure to work with you. Contact me now and let’s begin!

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