Julia P.

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Julie is a wonderful nutritionist. She is warm, kind, and very lively. She does not force you do to cut anything out or do anything drastic. She makes the process of moving back to a healthy place easy and virtually painless.

Within a week of working with Julie, I had gained incredible insight into my body and my diet. I feel like I have more control over what I eat and over my overall health and wellness. The greatest gift our work together has given me is awareness — awareness of what makes me feel good, what is working against my wellbeing, and what options I have to enhance my health. Her focus is on empowerment and I found her approach friendly, supportive, and engaging.

Finally, there is no better teacher than experience. Julie’s experience with health and wellness has left her with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and insight into eating, nutrition, and wellness. Her experience and her friendly approach are invaluable when it comes to changing your diet or your approach to your well-being.

Julia P. San Jose, CA August 12, 2015

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