D G. San Jose, CA

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I did Julie’s ‘cleanse’ a few weeks ago, here’s what it did for me: 

1) It showed me that it was the glass of wine or two in the evening that was responsible for my nightly hot flashes. I’m not giving up alcohol, but at least I know I could get rid of the hot flashes if they become too bothersome.
2) After a week of ultra-clean eating my sense of taste became so sensitive that I was able to taste some of the additives in processed foods that I hadn’t noticed before.
3) Even weeks later I still have a diminished craving for sugar and just less hunger over-all, which is helping me skip desserts, sodas, & chips. I also find that I’m eating a bit less than usual at mealtime.
4) So far I’ve been able to keep off the weight that I lost during the cleanse, and weighing 5 lbs less feels significantly better than I ever imagined it would!
Julie is very competent, responsive, and high-energy and I enjoyed working with her!

D G. San Jose, CA August 29, 2017

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