Zoe D. San Francisco, CA

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The last few years (post-college) were seriously doing a number on me in a variety of ways. Super early work hours, business travel, and hectic startup life led to what felt akin to a perpetual hangover–yes, crying millennial tears over here (but someone’s gotta pay rent!).

I knew I needed to make some changes to feel better, not gain weight, and cope with my surroundings in a healthy and productive way. I did a quick Yelp search and called Julie immediately. Within minutes she returned my call, and I knew from our brief 15 minute conversation that this person was going to give me pragmatic guidance around how to not feel like crap every day.

I’ve always been a fairly health conscious person, but what Julie provides is beyond convention and common sense. What I also greatly appreciate is the fact that unlike many therapists one might seek out for similar issues, she has experience working in corporate America and tech companies; she really knows the struggle. This level of personal understanding on her part is invaluable.

While I will always consider myself a work in progress, Julie sure makes the entire process a hell of a lot easier. She is candid, firm yet supportive, and is a genuinely good person you’ll look forward to meeting with.

Zoe D. San Francisco, CA August 29, 2017

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