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Julie is the perfect nutritionist for someone like me who understands that my relationship to food (and my overall health) has a lot to do with my relationship to myself. Not only is she very knowledgeable about food and nutrition, she is also empathetic and wise. She sees beyond the superficial problem of excess weight or fatigue to the unconscious patterns and bad habits that led you there to begin with, and she can help you address both the origin of those belief/behavior systems and their subsequent symptoms. I appreciate how she provides “life coaching” tips and affirmations as part of my plan. It also helps that Julie is extremely personable and funny along with being spiritual – my type of gal!

From a purely “results” standpoint, she was the first person to recommend I eliminate dairy from my diet, which helped clear my skin and also raised my energy levels. Before seeing Julie, I had been battling cystic acne and random face hives for about a year.

Yes, she is expensive, but if you are truly ready to be honest with yourself and commit to a change, it’s worth it. You can tell that she values her clients’ health more than her bottom line; for example, she has graciously engaged in long email conversations with me at no extra charge. 

Am I at my ideal weight? No. But that’s not Julie’s fault. She has helped me understand that this is a lifelong process, a lifelong journey, in a far deeper way than any other book, diet program, or health professional I’ve tried in the past has been able to (and trust me, I’ve tried MANY). After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, I feel more balanced, healthy, and optimistic than I ever have. I know I am in control, and if I slip and gain some weight, I can always restart. I truly believe Julie was meant to come into my life when she did, and I am very grateful for her continued guidance.

Sabrina S. Mountain View, CA August 29, 2017

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