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If you are looking to shed 15 to 50+ pounds and learn a healthy lifestyle that will help you after you have achieved your goal… go to Julie Scott! She doesn’t throw frozen food or protein shakes at you, she works with you, your schedule and your current diet with minor tweaks. She treats you like a friend, not a client and is very passionate about what she does. She is there no matter what…there is no such thing as failure she says. My favorite part about her is that she says “if you want a brownie, have a brownie, but you know your truth”. There are no restrictions! You learn that the brownie is not that important and learn that eating is a part of living and loving life. Being healthy for the rest of your life includes a few brownies 🙂 Highly recommended if you don’t want the regular diet telling you how to eat. She teaches you how to change how you eat and the dialogue that happens in your head. Fantastic!

Katie R. San Jose, CA October 9, 2014

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