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I just finished a group 8-day detox program with Julie and I want to compliment her in so many ways for the program. First, the results – I was able to get off coffee (a minor miracle), lose some weight and re-setting and cleansing my body after the holidays.

Julie built in so much that contributed to success – group meetings at the beginning and end of the program, a few nutritional supplements to support our bodies through the change in eating, a closed Facebook group where we shared the ups and downs, great recipes (honest!) and most of all, an emphasis on mindset. Her perspective is that she strives to bring healing to both the body and the mind. She emphasized our building healthy practices not just with food, but also how we hold our thinking and emotions. For me, these are the things that underpin that reaching for food.

I appreciate Julie for her knowledge and her deep support in caring for her clients. I recommend her highly.

K.G.A. Portland, OR February 1, 2014

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