Jennifer V.

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At nearly 55 with 3 kids and 30 years in a stressful job, the weight has crept on year by year, pound by pound until it is truly out of control.  I can find the discipline for exercise but that doesn’t change my eating habits.  Julie is non-judgemental but firm and gives no-nonsense advice on how to change bad habits for life.  When you talk with her, you feel like you are talking to a friend, not a nutrition counselor.  She puts your struggle into the real world and reminds you that life is complicated and everyone encounters roadblocks.  She gives you a multi-faceted plan then puts you in the drivers seat.  From exercise to vitamins, diet and nutrition to self respect, Julie empowers you to make the changes you want to make!  I couldn’t recommend her more enthusiastically.

Jennifer V. Palo Alto, CA July 7, 2014

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