Francisco Márquez

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I’m a skeptic – especially about all things labeled as “alternative” remedies and the like. Of course, I’ve always known that it is important to eat well but I didn’t fully appreciate just how critical nutrition is to health. Not until I met Julie did I finally realize that nutrition lies at the core of healing.

When I went to Julie I needed to lose some weight and had a horrible skin rash that wouldn’t go away, no matter what I did. Julie’s nutrition program helped me finally lose those last few pounds that I had been struggling burn off, and, much to my surprise, got rid of that persistent, irritating skin rash. But more importantly, working with Julie gave me surprising insight into my health that has altered how I treat my body. I went to see her expecting that little would change for me, but figure it was worth a try. The reality is that working with her opened up a new way of relating to myself, to the food I eat and understanding health. I can’t thank her enough. Deeply grateful to you, Julie.

Francisco Márquez August 29, 2017

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