Asen A.

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A big rave for Julie. I don’t like taking any pills or supplements, I hate the taste and feeling of vitamin taste of my mouth and breathe. When I met Julie for a one-to-one evaluation, I did not have any complaints, but was getting the usual viruses in winter time when someone is sick around me. She recommended a liquid multi-vitamin which is the best ever. It tastes good, it makes you drink more water, which anyone can benefit from (you have to take it with 8 oz of water), and most importantly I have been avoiding viruses the whole Winter season. First my wife got something, the heavy cough one in December, then my colleagues got the one in January that was on the news, I did not. It is really good to know that I am working with a professional who has knowledge not  only form the books, but also from a personal experience. Julie knows her business.

Asen A. Emeryville, CA February 1, 2013

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