Angela L.

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I was immediately impressed when I had the opportunity to hear Julie speak about nutrition.  I have never met someone so passionate and knowledgeable about the benefits of proper nutrition. Julie is different than other people I have heard speak on nutrition because she talks about the steps and changes you need to commit to in order to make a long-term change.  

When I talked to her about helping a family member with poor health and diet, she pointed out some fundamental issues that were keeping him stuck in his bad habits.

I found her to be extremely caring and ethical as she has her patients best interest in mind.  She tunes her programs towards long-term success and well-being whether it is weight loss, health benefits, boost in immune system or all of the above.  She definitely makes me think about what I’m putting in my body and has taught me to look at food differently.

Angela L. Palo Alto, CA May 15, 2014

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