January 2017 – The “New Year New You” Reset Cleanse 

Start the new year off right by joining a fun group nutrition program that will help you lose weight and boost your energy in just 7 days!  The new year is one of the best times to reset and put your health and weight at the top of your list.  We all know that when you feel great, all of your other goals are easier to achieve.  Seize the spirit of renewal that comes in January to re-center your energy around healthy living and an optimal body weight.  By carving out this time at the beginning of 2017 to concentrate on your health, you put wind in your sails that will carry you forward with good habits for the rest of the year. 

Please join me in experiencing this fun, super-effective and easy to do 7 day group program.  Register today and get ready to lose weight and feel more energized.

What results you can expect:

  • Weight loss – anywhere from 2 to 5 lbs
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Mental clarity
  • A feeling of accomplishment
  • Good habits that you can carry forward into the rest of the year
  • Fun!  We are doing this together, it will be a great experience for everyone.

What does the 7-day program include?

  • Two live-classes via teleconference with presentation slides online.  The calls will be recorded and you will be able to access them at any time.
  • The first class will be a live call with step-by-step instruction on how to successfully navigate the cleanse week.  The call will be 60 minutes.
  • The second class will review what we accomplished, discuss the short and long term health benefits and provide suggestions for carrying your success forward.  This call will be 60 minutes.
  • A daily email motivational message to put the wind in your sails for healthy eating and get you to the finish line.
  • A private Facebook group in which we can share our progress and questions with each other during the week.  Julie will be answering questions and posting daily on the Facebook page.
  • A daily meal plan 
  • Food lists – allowed and prohibited foods
  • Recipes – you will be amazed at how delicious these will be!
  • An optional supplement plan that you can add in to boost cleansing and detox results. 

Why this program is for you:

In only 7 days this program will let you move away from the inertia and struggles caused by accumulated bad habits to strong and healthy good habits. The program is so easy, it will fit into your regular work week or daily life without any struggle. This program empowers you to stay focused by providing group support, daily motivational emails and two online conference calls that make it easy to move through the 7 days with success.   Once you finish the 7 days you will be in a completely differently place physically and emotionally from which you can move forward into the rest of the year.  Often people find that if they fail to do a strong reset cleanse at the beginning of the year,  bad habits can literally plague them for months.  This program makes it easy to jumpstart your natural desire for health and good habits and creates a smooth transition so that you can take these good habits back into your daily routine.  

Location:  Online Tele-conference beginning on January 31, 2017 and ending on February 6, 2017.


  • $97 Early-bird price when you register by January 23, 2017
  • $147 Regular price when you register after January 23, 2017
  • $155.89 for the optional but highly recommended nutritional supplement kit.  All supplements are discounted 15%  (suggested supplements include a Chocolate Protein Powder Drink, Green Powder Drink and Detox Capsules). Once you register, you will be sent an email with a link from which you can purchase the supplements directly online at the discounted price.

Event Registration

We would love to have you attend! Please fill out this form to register. You will receive a separate email with the billing information later. If you have a question, include it in the note section below and we’ll get back to you. Thank you.

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